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Face Mirrors

Azi Mirror is a piece that lets us check in with the SELF through a simple gesture, something you can carry with you wherever you go. It is handcrafted by Alexander Karpinsky from pure and precious material- 999 silver.

Please contact us to place an order, thank you.

Why is it important to use it:

We value the ritual and importance of checking in with yourself throughout the day, to interact with yourself and to remind yourself that you are already beautiful.

How to use the mirror:

Look at yourself through the mirror, take it with you wherever you go and carry it close to yourSELF.

Notes from AA:

"While creating this piece we were inspired by the shape of an egg, by its feminine and divine form. We are all beautiful, God is the Greatest Artist and as an ode to that we created the mirror as a reminder that you are already whole the way you are, it translates you are enough and already perfect. "

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