AZI, in Russian азы, means «the core»; in Arabic عزيزة‎ means “precious”; and Mycenaean aswiai means “the woman of Asia”.


The Details

From sourcing accessories and buttons, to sewing and creating the final piece, details are something we always take very close care of. Details either have a story or a certain uniqueness that inspires us to create a piece.

We found vintage silk sari buttons at a market in India, that now decorate AZI dresses, each one of them reminding us of a little planet.

We look up to mother Nature, so shell buttons are a natural choice, and they have a translucent feel to them.

The triangle amulet is the symbol of protection and traditionally was made for men from leather. We decided to make it for women from vintage Soviet fabric that we found in Uzbekistan.


The Transition

Traditional tailoring is all about handmade and craftsmanship. We are committed to valuing and keeping the handmade work alive. Every AZI Land silhouette is hand finished because we believe that the clothes are the mirror of the person wearing them.



The Choice

The turning point in choosing the fabrics is the feel: how it feels on your skin and what you feel wearing it. We use natural fabrics whenever possible to bring you this comfortable feel but sometimes we use blends as we aim to create clothes for life. The quality of the products is what makes us go on the journey of finding new innovative fabrics. Durable, natural, soft and tender—our mantra for fabric searching.

We also pay attention to the hands creating the fabric—in other words we support family businesses. By supporting the families that have been in craftsmanship for generations, we preserve the art of handmade. Working with the people we know, building relationships is a priority as it creates a trustworthy environment where everyone feels good doing what they do.


The Story

Inspired by the culture of the Silk Roads, AZI Land is a collection of designer pieces with contemporary silhouettes to suit you wherever you go. We have spent hours choosing the perfect fabrics that will beautifully age with time. Individual fashion is our goal, made by a person for a person. Bringing the soul back to the fashion, escaping the mass production and faceless pieces.


The People

We value our team, including all the people working hard together to make one idea come to life. Our work depends on the people doing their part with love—a very important aspect, which is why we work with people we know and trust. We are honest with each other as we are with our customers. Everything is done with the mantra


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