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Ear Wax Removal Kits

Azi Ear Cleaner is crafted from one of the most precious and purest metals - 999 silver. It is an antibacterial metal that is perfect for self care purposes. The shape and special design of the ear cleaner gives a better control of the pressure to avoid damages. Azi ear cleaner is unique as it is made to last a lifetime, due to its material. It is made to clean ear wax, give your ear canals proper cleaning and relaxing massage. We ask you to be careful and be gentle while cleaning your ear canals, for adults only.

Please contact us to place an order, thank you.

How to use a ear cleaner:

Use your Azi Ear Cleaner after a shower as part of your daily routine.

Slowly insert it to your ear canal and gently scoop out the impacted build-up wax out. Do not push in, but rather swiftly swirl outwardly.

Wash the ear cleaner with soap and warm water before and after using. You can sterilize your ear cleaning tool by rubbing it with alcohol.

After use, Clean the ear cleaner with a dedicated silver cloth wipe
Keep the ear cleaner out of reach of children.

The ear cleaner is handcrafted by a metal artist Alexander Karpinsky.

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